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Appetite for Sanity invites you to hunger for change, to question what is holding you back from the life and the career that your love. AFS empowers you to embody the strength you already have by providing practical tools that transform your health, career, finances and your closest relationships in doable, real-world steps.

Here at Appetite For Sanity, we are life strategists. Pulling from knowledge gained over 18 years of International Fortune 500 Corporate experience and life lessons from being morbidly obese and coming out the other side stronger, healthier and happier.

What began as in-home personal fitness training has expanded to getting to the core of why your health has spiraled out of control. We dig deep to find the root causes of the problem and develop change strategies, goals and commitments to get you back hungry for life.

About the Founder, Michele Malo: CPT, CES, WLS, MBA

Coaching • Speaking • Consulting

An Amazon Best selling author, health and business expert, and Chief Success Strategist at Appetite For Sanity Coaching, Michele Malo brings strategy, empathy and a little tough love to clients. She is a strategic business women, health, nutrition and fitness coach who left behind an 18-year high-powered corporate career and 160 pounds, to motivate others to take the journey from overweight and stressed to healthy and successful in their career and in life.

The journey back to health, it turned out, was made up of many small changes that, when put together, made a huge difference. One habit at a time, she worked her way back to health and launched Appetite For Sanity Coaching.

As a powerful and polished speaker, Michele inspires audiences with her personal story and proven strategic principles to help guide audiences to a better more fulfilling life and career. She provides listeners with actionable tools and takeaways based on extensive research and education, delivered with sincerity, compassion and humor.

Michele is always looking to satiate her hunger for education.

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